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tv   News  ABC  August 25, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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day, let's get to weather with meteorologist justin berk. >> as we check out the headlines for today, cloudy and cool. we'll gradually start to clear things out and warm it up towards the weekend. do not be deceived, summer's not done. it'll feel like full-fledged summer over the weekend. right now we're back to anne arundel county, kids back in session, edgewood, deerfield elementary, 66 degrees. light wind still out of the east, northeast. you'll notice temperatures ranging from 68 in stevensville, 66 in chestertown. back up to harford county with aberdeen. up towards cecil county, satellite radar, highlighting mostly cloudy skies. rain to our south, could clip the eastern shore this morning. we turn partly sunny and the hour by hour forecast gives us a 2-degree guaranteed high of 81 by 4:00 p.m..
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disabled vehicle on the outer loop lanes of the beltway at route 40 off to the shoulder. not disrupting traffic at this time. we're still dealing with a serious accident in hides, harper road closed in both directions. you might want to try using bel air road as an alternate. you'll see light and smooth traffic around the area on the beltway at harford road. traffic moving very well, not a whole lot going on on 695, more volume near liberty road, headed towards i-70. still moving well. 97 and route 100, traffic flowing freely as you make your way through anne arundel county. the housing market has been in trouble for a while. now things are getting worse. here's abc's john hendren to explain. the nation's housing market was hit with the worst news in months. >> i don't think we've ever seen a drop of this magnitude.
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>> reporter: sales of existing homes collapsed in july, down 20%. >> the days of the house being an atm machine for a typical home over is over. >> the white house says there's work to be done, but insists there's improvement. >> the president's doing everything we think is appropriate to continue moving the economy in the right direction. >> there are 4 million homes now on the market, enough to satisfy demand for over a year, unemployment at 9.5% is stagnant. tax credits for home buyers are running out and republicans are calling for heads to roll. >> president obama should ask for and accept the resignations of the remaining members of the come economic teams starting with secretary geithner and larry summers, the head of the national economic council. >> reporter: the median home price in this country stands at $182,600. nearly flat from a year ago. >> if you're a first time home
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buyer, planning to be in the house five to ten years, it's almost a no-brainer that now's a good time to be in the marketplace. >> reporter: nothing's certain in a country suffering a housing hangover. the latest associated press poll finds 56% of americans disapprove of the way americans are handling the economy. republicans haven't turned that to their advantage. they fair just as badly in the same poll. maryland's attorney general has joined counterparts in 16 other states demanding that craigslist remove their adult services section. the attorneys general say the website cannot block illegal ads promoting prostitution and child trafficking. >> they really, in my view haven't taken the steps they need and we're still seeing tremendous illegal sexual
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activity and criminal activity being facilitated over this area of the internet. >> a craigslist spokeswoman pledged support for stopping illegal exploitation, but didn't say whether they'll get rid of the adult services section after all. john leopold is being sued by a former county employee. the woman accuses leopold of sexual discrimination and sexual advances towards her. also making crude and sexual comments about other women in the office. once he grabbed her and screamed at her because he didn't like her hair style. her attorney describes the incident. >> he became incensed at this one day and grabbed her and said "take your hair out of your
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face" and it scared her. >> the county executive is aware of the allegations, which he says are false. hamner, who now lives out-of-state, is seeking $300,000 in back pay and other damages. patricia jessamy and her opponent gregg bernstein talked about bernstein's controversial new campaign ad last night in canton. this ad, on television, focused on the murders of angela and darnell dawson in east baltimore back in 2002. angela dawson had a reputation for reporting crimes in other neighborhood to police. gregg bernstein hopes the ad shows the current city state's attorney hasn't done enough to protect witnesses in criminal cases. patricia jessamy responded after the debate. >> the time and what she said now is that no time did anyone
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ever contact her to tell her that the dawson family was potentially in danger and may have needed some assistance. and it was for that reason i thought it was important that people hear from this man, not from me, but from this man. >> it's a tragedy in misrepresenting the facts. that's all i have to say. it's documented. bernstein says as state's attorney, heads do more to protect witnesses in criminal cases, including moving them out of baltimore city when necessary. he says federal grant money could be used for, that but he hasn't been specific about that being accomplished. it's a story that's become a hot topic on our facebook fan page, a woman forced to pay extra at a nail salon because she's overweight. we'll share your comments coming up. race for the top: maryland wins a big educational prize.
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before we tell you about that, let's head to justin and check on today's temps. >> we have temperatures in the mid-60s this morning under a cloudy sky. light, cool, damp wind. where's that rain? looks like it wanted to rain all day yesterday. we held off most of the rain, we'll look at a few showers this afternoon. good morning, had earlier delay on the metro subway. that's cleared up and out of the way, we're good for travel on the metro. light rail looking good. marc train showing no delays on camden, , pen or brunswick lines. look for a heavy volume of passengers on 36, 22 and 19 buses as you travel. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. what's tt? oh see this isthe back to . the cost always mas mom k. mommy. hemom.
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this video is incredible, check this out, whatever you're doing right now, a rare spider tornado was caught on tape. these twisting columns of fire form when strong winds, combined with low humidity, feed brushfires. been there for months, since any rain has fallen.
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have you ever seen anything like that, justin? incredible-looking, right? >> impressive video, nonetheless, we've got the opposite scene here. we have ourselves a cool, damp pattern. we could use a little more rain. needless to say, it looked threatening yesterday. this is mount airy with our time lapse camera showing us dark underbellies of the clouds. it didn't really drop any rain across the region, it was basically pushed to our north and west, and our south yesterday, even downtown baltimore. we tried to squeeze out a little bit of sun. holding onto the low 70s, didn't produce much. right now, we're looking at satellite radar composite. we have ourselves a mostly cloudy scene. rain from northern new jersey, metro new york and to our south and central virginia. this big area of low pressure, locked pretty much on top of us. we may produce a few scattered
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showers towards the afternoon. variable cloudy sky with a few peaks of sun, little warmer than yesterday, two-degree guaranteed high of 81. more on hurricane danielle coming up in just a moment. right now, let's get more from hurricane kim brown. what's going on with the roads? >> i'm just a tropical depression at this point. >> don't be depressed. >> no reason to be depressed on the roadways. 795 southbound is all clear, all lanes open between route 140, down towards the beltway. that's going take you about ten minutes for the entire stretch. still working the same two crashes, one in hides, very serious accident. might want to try using bel air road as an alternate. accident on route 24 at singer road. you'll see police on the scene there as well. linda sow has been following the latest in some of our hot local elections. linda, good morning. >> it's the hottest race in the
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upcoming primaries. the candidates for the baltimore city state's attorney square off in an intense debate. a dundalk fire station destroyed in a february blizzard. coming up: i'll tell you about a dedication for that fire company. [ female announcer ] lunch at red lobster... catchin over wood-grilled p and chicken. anwithunches startin atjust.9 [ female announcer ] lunch at red lobster... oh see this isthe back to . the cost always mas mom k. mommy. hemom. good times. mom, the back tochool list is here. looks expensive. graphing calculator, flash dr pencils... at was easy. go times. [ male announcer ] get back to school and back to savis onverything on your li at staples that was easy.
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who will be baltimore's next state's attorney? gregg bernstein is trying to unseat pat jessamy. last night the two faced off again for another debate. linda sow is here to tell us what happened. >> reporter: the format for the debate in canton allowed people in the audience to submit questions. one was directed at gregg bernstein and his tv ad that references one of the worst crimes in baltimore city history. angela dawson and her five kids were killed in 2002 when their home was fire bombed. she was known to report drug dealings and problems in her neighborhood. bernstein says as state's attorney, he'd move witnesses out fof areas if necessary. jessamy says it's time for
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change. bernstein says madden came to him when she was running for office. >> the time and what she said now is at no time did anyone contact her to tell her that the dawson family was potentially in danger and may have needed some assistance. it was for that reason, i thought it was important that people hear from miss madden, not from me, but from miss madden. >> reporter: jessamy accused of bernstein as exploiting a horrible tragedy and misrepresenting the facts. the flames broke out around 2:30 in the morning at a dundalk fire station during a blizzard. the fire destroyed really expensive equipment. today it's all coming full circle. sherrie is here to tell us about
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a special rededication. >> reporter: dundalk fire station number six is looking forward to a brand new day. the fire department will hold a rededication ceremony this morning on fallers point road. the station was destroyed in a two-alarm fire during the february 10th blizzard. the fire destroyed a brand new fire engine that had just recently arrived at the station. it also hit a medic unit, a brush unit and maryland national guard humvee placed at the station to assist with the blizzard. units from the dundalk station moved to fallers point technical high school. fire crews were able to move back to the station where temporary repairs were made. it cost about $625,000 to repair the three engine bays, covered by baltimore county's insurance. now crews say there was never any interruption in fire and emergency medical services to the dundalk community. that rededication ceremony starts at 11:00 this morning. county executive jim smith and fire chief jim holman will also
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attend the rededication. 65 degrees, 5:29 right now. here's a look at stories happening around our area today. congressman frank cradaville will help with a discussion between t he governors. a preston area salon will do hair for young ladies from a girls home featured on extreme makeover home edition. they'll get new dos before the school year starts. our state is one of ten to be awarded millions of dollars in the race to the top. it's a school reform grant. state schools say the money will push maryland schools forward. the cash will help state schools revive the curriculum and allow the state to better train and evaluate teachers and help low performing districts achieve. >> no child is going to have to
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attend a failing school by accident of the zip code where that child lives. the tolerance for any continuing low performance schools just will not exist. >> the state will spread out $250 million over the next four years. it'll go into effect almost immediately and parents should start seeing changes when the school opens, as soon as next week. all right, well speaking of money, you can expect your electric bill to be higher this time around because of the month of july, it was so hot, hotter than normal. bge says last month there were 20 days when the temperatures were over or above 90 degrees, compared to 14 days in june. last june, there were only two such days. bge is reminding customersou can enroll in their budget billing program to cut down on really high electric bills.
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5:51. megan made a really good point. last year we had a cool summer, only two days above 90 in the month of july, compared to this year. if you average out both summers, it comes out with near normal. that's the law of averages. below normal one time, above normal the next, we know that from last winter do, with snowfall. tropical satellite, across the atlantic, one, two, three storms getting active off the coast of africa. one in the middle adds a name right now. this could be earl. we'll be watching hurricane danielle which got ripped by strong upper level winds yesterday. we were talking about a 100 miles per hour upper level storm, that's up from tropical storm strength yesterday afternoon. it has its resurgence here. pushes towards the central atlantic and near bermuda, probably by the weekend, as category two storm. then it moves into the north atlantic with the cooler waters. not going to have any impact on
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the u.s., except for maybe high serve into the weekend and early next week. basically what we're looking at here is upper level circulation, keeping things rather cool, beach temperatures, be about 75 degrees, matching 74 water temperature there. our water temperature on the bay, about 79. that'll match the air temperature in rock hall, 82 in annapolis. temperatures this morning, 65, near normal, but we've got cloudy skies, rain pushing into new york and new england, rain wrapping around the other side of virginia. wrapping around this large upper level system that may bring showers to the eastern shore this morning and pop scattered showers into the afternoon. like yesterday, the skies look threatening and never dumped on us. keep the umbrella handy as we head through tomorrow and the weekend, we dry out and we will dramatically improve to summer-like levels this weekend. generally today, our two-degree guarantee, 81 degrees. morning clouds, partly sunny with a stray shower to pop up in the afternoon. could be patchy fog. drop back to 65 degrees.
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check out this extended outlook, partly cloudy, 84. we'll drop to 80 on friday with lows in the mid-#50i 50s, back into the mid- to upper 80s with sunshine over the weekend. if you're going to the ravens game, that's evening time, that'll hold temperatures rather comfortable in the 70s. traffic reopened at glen arm road after an earlier accident in hides. police remain on the scene of a crash in bel air. route 24 and singer road. as we check our drive times, southbound 95 running very nice between the beltway and fort mchenry toll plaza. across the key bridge on the outer loop, towards 97, that'll only take nine minutes at this time. traffic very light, looking good on the beltway. stay with us, we have more news, weather and traffic when good morning maryland comes back right after this.
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she told me she charged me $5 more because i was overweight. >> this story's incredible, a
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georgia woman claims weight discrimination and it was turned into this morning's hot topic. michelle sunville says the charge came at a nail salon and the manager says she charged extra because of the risks that the salon chair could break, costing hundreds of dollars to fix and then asked her not to come back. this story has you fired up, this is what we're hearing from you this morning. one says money made from heavy people is just as green as money from skinny folks. another person says: maybe next time, instead of trying to be cute, she'll try to sweat it out. you can see all the arguments
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and voice your own opinion and join the conversation on our facebook fan page, head to wmar on facebook. we want to know what you think. we'll be right back.
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